Damaged Walls? Give Us a Call

Damaged Walls? Give Us a Call

Trust C.S. Home Remodeling of Marion, IA with your siding repairs and installation

Is your home’s exterior worn, grimy or damaged? It might be time for siding repair or replacement needs. Trust the job to C.S. Home Remodeling. We’re based out of Marion, Iowa, but we serve the surrounding area as well.

What type of siding is best for your home? Here's a short guide:

  • Vinyl siding is perhaps the material most commonly used by contractors. It's cost-efficient and easy to install, but can crack and become warped in colder weather.
  • Wood siding adds a rustic character to any home. However, it can be susceptible to insect and water damage - and it's expensive, depending on the type of wood that's used.
  • Aluminum siding is a cheaper alternative to wood siding. It requires little maintenance and comes in a wide variety of colors, but it can also dent easily.
  • Concrete/cement siding looks and functions like wood siding, but it's immune to insect and water damage. It can be expensive, but it's worth the cost if you're willing to invest.

Still not sure what's best for your home? Call C.S. Home Remodeling at 319-804-5646 for more information.